They Placed A Rescue Piglet With An Abandoned Kitty. What Followed Is AMAZING.


Friendship had proven over the years to transcend a lot of divides ranging from sex, race and so much more down to the more improbable one – inter – species friendship.

Many people have developed beautiful friendships with pet animals and their devotion to each other has inspired many a story like this. This one however is about two animals.
Laura the pig was meant to be the victim of a meat factory sooner or later, but was rescued from the possibility of such a gruesome end. The little pig was given a new life at a sanctuary for rescued farm animals in Santiago, Chile called Santuario Igualdad Interespecie. There it has an environment in which to thrive as well as associate with other animals with stories similar to its own, all of them developing in an environment designed for such.

Due to Laura’s age and a few other factors, the pig is kept with Marina, an orphaned little kitty living also at the sanctuary. These two have bonded so easily and can be seen getting all mushy with each other.

From the images portrayed, it would seem that Laura and Marina have been friends all of their lives and it could even be imagined that the specie difference between them does not exist. It is true that kitties have been pets to humans for as long as we can remember – and they can be quite the adorable pets too, to an extent also pigs have been pets to humans and they have been praised in many quarters for the depth of their loyalty. Just imagine if we could ask little Marina and not – so – little Laura what attracted them to each other. Laura will probably attribute her affection for Marina to its size, we’ll never be absolutely sure; it could also have something to do with the fact that they are the two youngest ones at the sanctuary (humans also do that friendship based on age range thing).

Whatever their unimaginable reason for such a beautiful friendship may be, the truth remains that they are just too cute a pair and you’ll most probably never see some other friendship as cute as the one they have created for themselves here.

On a last note too, Laura and Marina through their sweet friendship are passing across a lesson that everyone could lead from – humans especially; a lesson about acceptance that transcends any divides whatsoever.

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