They Place A New Toy In Front Of Their Yorkie. When It Squeaks? OMG


This puppy video is so cute and so real that you just have to share it with all of your animal loving friends. This tiny little Yorkshire terrier is adorably perfect at two months old but the conniptions that a squeaking ball produces in the little dog are hysterical. The owners obviously had no idea that the little dog would react quite like it did.

The ball is at least one-quarter as big as the puppy. The dog approaches the ball and plays with it like anyone would expect a puppy to. The tiny little puppy absolutely freaks out when the owner squeezes the ball and makes it squeak.

The dog’s reaction is hilarious. The dog goes from the normal playful mood of a puppy with a ball to a defensive posture that includes loud yips of fear or defiance. It is like the dog knows that balls are not supposed to speak or squeak at least.

The owner takes full advantage of the reaction. Once the puppy has calmed down and gone back to playing with the ball the owner makes it squeak again and again. The squeaking elicits the same freaked out response from the dog. You really cannot hear the owner’s laughing but they must be about to burst at how funny the puppy’s reaction to squeaking balls is.

The diminutive little yips that the puppy makes at the ball are just too cute and charming. The dog spends at least 15 seconds yipping at the ball and eye balling it like it was an extraterrestrial. Finally convinced that the ball can do it no harm, the puppy again advances on the former object of terror only to again be dazzled by a tiny squeak from the ball.

The video is classically funny and deserves sharing with anyone that enjoys a good laugh. You just cannot help but be amused by the puppy’s antics when the ball makes a noise. It is really funny how quickly the puppy recovers only to be transfixed again by his owner squeezing the ball to make it squeak.

We cannot read the puppy’s mind but something about squeaking balls just gets to the little dog in a big way. The running away to a safe distance, yipping uncontrollably at the ball, and finally coming back to play with the ball is just special and uproariously funny.
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The owners are to be congratulated for capturing this special little puppy moment. Share this one for the charm, fun, and extraordinary reaction of the puppy.

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