They Notice A Baby Calf In Terrible Shape. Now Watch When They Pull Over…


Videos like these show that we have a long way to go before we start to grasp the true meaning of treating animals better. The baby calf in this video was an innocent creature and she hadn’t done anything to anyone. She certainly did not deserve the treatment that she ended up receiving from an unruly motorist, who struck her with their vehicle.

To make matters even worse, the animal was also dragged by the vehicle and left wounded by the side of the road. We cannot even imagine what type of monster would do this sort of thing. Accidents happen and they are an expected part of life, but there is no reason why this poor baby calf had to be left to suffer.

When Animal Aid Unlimited arrived on the scene, the calf was covered in wounds and could not reliably walk on her own. As a result, the rescuers had to lift her up and carry her into their vehicle. The pitiful look in the animal’s eyes says more than words ever could. She has been through quite the ordeal, but is clearly appreciative for the help that has arrived.

Seeing her wounds up close is a heart wrenching experience, one that reminds us of how lucky we are to be alive. Her flesh is exposed in several places and from the looks of this clip, her prognosis was not good when she was first found. She needs immediate help, or else she will end up being euthanized.

The rescue team at Animal Aid Unlimited set to work and began the process of saving her life. They set up an IV drip for her and set about the task of repairing her myriad of wounds. While the majority of people would have left this baby calf by the side of the road to perish, the good folks at Animal Aid Unlimited took matters into their own hands and provided her with a welcome respite from the reality of her situation.
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To find out more about what happened next, be sure to stay tuned in. We are happy to see that someone provided help to this poor calf, but there are many more animals out there in the world who have been struck by careless drivers that did not receive the same level of help. Please share this clip to spread awareness about the dangers of hit and run drivers.

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