They line up to skate, then took everyone’s breath away with their dazzling performance.


This is a magical video of Russian Ice skaters. This Russian synchronized skating team is poetry in motion. These women pull off beautiful movements that remind me of swans swimming in perfect unison. Watch this beautiful video with background music by Whitney Houston. The song is “I will always Love You” and the skaters move in perfect unison. Even the Russian skaters seem overwhelmed at the end of their performance as they get a standing ovation.

The Russian women dressed in white move along in beautiful movements. Their movements look like swans moving in unison. They start out with two separate lines and move in and out as a group. They even have spinning like movements in perfect synchronization.

The Russian women are so athletic and really make the skating routine look so easy. Watch as these girls glide, twist and turn on the ice. You can’t believe the flowing art form these girls produce. The Russian ice skaters move in such harmony with each other and always appear to look like one movement.

With their flowing movements which include their hands and arms they really charm you. The different movements these girls present are so flowing and graceful. Watch this video and feel the calming effect it can have on you. The team Russia really nails this routine.

Watch this and see these beautiful women figure skaters gliding on the ice in synchronization with each other creating a large canvas of beauty. Their movements are so varied and be sure to see them as they lift their one leg and hold, simply amazing. The beauty of figure skating is really at a maximum level as you watch this. You can’t believe how this video will leave you.

The Russian girls are magical as they glide through their movements. At times they move in and out of the group, twisting and turning looking like a machine. Watch as this Russian girls team pulls off a magical performance. This synchronized skating performance is so original. Their movements are so fluid with freedom in a group that could never be imagined. These Russian girls have incredible athleticism and skill.

One thing these Russian women ice skaters do is make things look very smooth and easy. They skate and turn in unison with each other using great skill. These girls are dressed in white and flowing through the air making life look so beautiful. Watch this video and enjoy the unique performance by the Russian women’s ice skating team.

It is simply amazing how much they can do in unison with each other. They start apart then move around, in and out of one another. The Women skaters pull off so many amazing movements, one right after the other. The close up at the end says everything about this Russian ice skating team. A blond member of the Team Russia is shown displaying her emotion and what a performance it was.

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