They Introduce Their ‘Lifeless’ Son To A Dog. When THIS Happens, I’m Crying!


When Caleb Howard was just six years of age, he was the unfortunate victim of a head on collision. The crash left Caleb with a number of broken bones and a severe head injury. Obviously, his parents were heartbroken by this traumatic turn of events and did not know if their son would ever be able to resume a normal life or even make it through to see tomorrow.
Since the majority of the progress made by Caleb happened in very small increments, it was difficult for his parents to recognize the strides that he had made. After receiving a suggestion that it may help, Caleb’s parents made the decision to obtain a dog named Colonel, so that he could serve as a therapeutic aide for their son.

Because his parents were desperate to help their son in any way that they could, they obliged. Thanks to this video, we are now able to watch the beginning of Caleb’s journey with his new canine pal. Caleb’s overall awareness receives an immediate boost and it is clear that Colonel’s continued presence will provide the help that this brave little boy needs to see his recovery process through to the end.

After obtaining this therapy dog for their son, Caleb’s parents began to see the light at the end of the tunnel and started to truly believe in his ability to make it through this extremely trying ordeal. By participating in spirited games of fetch with Colonel and petting him on a regular basis, he was able to finally regain the usage of his hands.

Caleb also began to take Colonel for regular walks, which allowed him to restore his overall mobility and gave him a new lease of life. For the first time since his terrible accident took place, he was able to become much more active than he had been in a very long time.

This brave little boy found the joy and excitement that had been missing from his life for a very long time and he has Colonel to thank for this development. This incredibly special animal has served as a major catalyst in Caleb’s continued recovery. His parents and physicians have been pleasantly surprised by the quick strides that he has made in his recovery. If you are skeptical about the power of a therapy animal, this video is sure to change your mind.

Even though this video is now six years old, it has not lost any of its ability to touch viewers and tug at their heartstrings. Dogs such as Colonel truly have the ability to help expedite the healing process. After you have taken a look at this touching, heartwarming clip, be sure to share it with all of your animal loving friends on Facebook.

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