They Introduce A Puppy To Mom & Her Kittens, But Watch The Cat’s Reaction!


A mother cat and her kittens have a surprise visitor. The young girl introduces the new born puppy to the family after prodding from an unseen male in the background. It is obvious that the young girl is hesitant to follow the instruction of the gentleman trying to force the introduction. Cats are known to be very possessive of their territory and do not like to share. It is obvious that this cat’s motherly instinct was in high gear as she was willing to accept a stranger, not to mention, a dog into the fold.

It appears that the little pup had just received a bath and was being dried off when the event occurred. Once the pup was in the box with the mother cat and her kittens the cat attempted to finish drying the pup. The still blind pup wandered around the enclosure toward heat and sound and found the litter snuggled next to mom. The mother cat is accepting after a short sniff and discover period that took a matter of seconds. It is odd that the cat only had two kittens in the litter this may be a sign of loss and one of the reasons that she was so accepting.

The enclosure is a box lined with a blanket to create a cushion for the litter. This cushion helps to fill the enclosure with the warmth of the litter. The litter is huddled in a corner next to mom when the visitor arrives. The puppy bowls through and over them without hesitation. It is unknown whether or not the pup realizes that this litter is not his own.

The family is amazed by the reaction of the mother cat to the puppy. A soft mew escapes the mother cat while she looks at the people that brought her the visitor. The unseen man delivers commentary with the mother cat to try to bring comfort yet none is needed.

The mother cat bears her stomach and allows the puppy to search for a nipple. This surprising turn of events leads to the end of the video.

It is important to remember that not all animal introductions go this well and some lead to fighting between the animals due to fear and stress. All animal introductions should be done at a slow and steady pace for the safety of the animals. This introduction went very well and the mother was receptive from the beginning giving the family cues that the puppy was welcome. The body language of the mother cat was right and the reaction was precious.

The cuteness overload is with the combination of a kitten, puppy, and toddler voice in the background at the end is in full swing.

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