They Get In Front Of The Camera & Press Record, But Just Watch The Dog…


When we think about birthdays, we think about cake, presents, spending time with family and friends and of course, that old standby, the Happy Birthday song. But when most of us think about the Happy Birthday song, we envision being surrounded by our most treasured friends and loved ones and watching them sing to us.

After all, what better way to spend your birthday, than to have the people you love most sing you a song? However, we are guessing that the recipient of this hilarious clip got far more than they bargained for, when the family dog decided to join in. This pup did not want to be left out of the singing festivities and they are going to make sure that everyone knows just how talented he is.
Just listen to the pipes on this pup! If you have never heard a dog sing before, you are in luck. Most of us go our entire lives without ever hearing a dog sing, but those of you who watch this clip will be treated to one of the finest vocal performances of all time. This dog just might be the songbird of this generation and gave the rest of his family a serious run for their money.

Skeptics might say that he is just a little bit off key, but this dog is not going to let the haters bring him down today. He doesn’t need sheet music, proper vocal training or any of that kind of stuff. All he needs is his loving family and a venue. He will sing his heart out, even if no one else can possibly reach the same register or timbre. Don’t you wish you had a dog as cute as him to sing to you on your special days?

Thanks to this amazing clip, now you do! Our furry little buddy’s song is so heartfelt, so passionate, you just might find yourself pressing the rewind button more than a few times. We know that we did. These singing exploits are just the right mixture of comical and sweet and you can see that this family truly loves their little fella.

Once you’re done wiping away the tears of laughter that are sure to result from this viewing, take the time to pass it along to your friends and family. Don’t be stingy and be sure to spread that love to the dog lovers in your life.

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