They Found This Kitten Shivering In The Bushes, Watch What They Do To Her


Nobody knows how this black kitten got there. Maybe she got disconnected from her mother or maybe she was just dumped. Nobody really knows. But she was left stranded in the bush.

One day, a family living nearby heard Poe’s cry early in the morning. Poor Cat, she must have cried out of cold and discomfort. The members of this wonderful family began to trace the cry until they found Poe under a tree inside some shrubs of plant. She must have snuggled into that position just to keep herself warm.


Imagine what she would have gone through, being alone outside without any form of warmth. And the temperature was said to be about -1 degree celsius. Who knows how long she has been left there. She was already shivering. Apparently, that was why she cried out in pain.


At that temperature, she obviously had a few hours left to stay alive. Thank God the heroic family found her when they did. It was only cold that was obvious but Poe was coping with more than that. She was at risk of being attacked by bigger and wilder animals. Hunger was another thing she was coping with. Nobody knew when last she ate.


Like they always say… there is light at the end of every tunnel. This is the best way to describe the change of fate of the seeming moribund little kitten. She was taken into the family as soon as she was found. They waited for a while may be Poe’s mother will show up from the wild. But she never did. The family was just too happy to have her.


Poe will never run out of company again as the family already have two dogs, five chicken, three guinea pigs and a cat. And immediately Poe came in, she became everybody’s friend due to her friendly and hyperactive nature.


She must have had some bravery being in the bush without the fear of being attacked by wild animals. This act of bravery led to her being christened Poe. Personally, I am very glad because I know Poe will never be left alone in such a terrible condition ever again. Apart from that, I am also sure that where she is now, is far better than where she came from. What a change of fate! Please see the pictures and share away.

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