They Found This Kitten On The Road, But Some Time Later, Her Life Changed!


It’s not known how this tiny little grey striped kitten ended up in the middle of the road. Close to death and hurt, providence stepped in and thanks to a couple, this adorable little guy was given a second chance at life.

Appearing almost dead, the kitten was laying lifeless in the road when this couple found him. Dirty and crumpled in a wet tiny heap, he was soaked with what appeared to be drool. The couple gently reached down and placed a hand on his tiny head and after a moment of soft caresses, the kitten lifts its head and begins to cry.


The couple decided to take this adorable but very weak kitty home to try and nurse him back to health. After placing him in their car, the little one began to sound and act like a normal healthy kitten, aside from what appeared to be some pain and difficulty in his hind legs. They took kitty home.


It wasn’t long before it became surprisingly apparent this sweet tiny kitten had a will to live and their love and compassion was all that was needed to instill his desire to live. Because the kitten was so tiny and much too young to be away from his mommy, a bottle was needed to feed him.

At first he seems quite uninterested in trying the bottle, so one of his new parents places a drop of milk on the tip of their finger. All it took was a lick and a taste for the tiny kitten to realize he wanted more. He eagerly turns to the bottle and beings to nurse.


To see this tiny little miracle kitty today, it’s hard to believe he had been so close to death. Where it not for the love this couple has for animals, he may not have lived to see another day and would have suffered a cruel and lonely death. But today he is a happy, healthy and has a little streak of mischief about him.


Watch this heartwarming video that documents the rescue and salvation of this little bundle of cuteness! With is little grey and white stripes, big beautiful accepting eyes, it’s easy to see he now has the family he deserves.
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He will never go hungry again and receives all the affection and attention he could ever want. To see the difference in this little kitten is worth the watch for sure. And please make sure to share this video so others can get their daily dose of inspiration

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