They Found These Babies All Alone. But Wait Till You See What They Do With Their Hands…


A Denver Colorado worker was working to repair a damaged light pole in busy mid-day traffic. Suddenly he noticed that the pole wasn’t the only thing damaged. At the bottom of the pole was a squirrel nest. Pushing it aside, he noticed movement. Upon further inspection he realized two baby squirrels were still in the nest. Although he could have left them, realizing there was no mother squirrel to care for the newborns. Without some health they would die so he quickly moved into action. His first instinct was to bring the squirrels to his wife, a mother herself. He packed them up in a t-shirt to keep them warm while finishing up his work.


At home, his wife was equally excited at helping sustain wildlife. They realized they were now in charge of two squirrel babies that were probably just a few weeks old. Their eyes weren’t opened and they weren’t ready for life in the real world. Their human mom called on her motherly instincts and quickly got to work.

A syringe, warm clean cloths, milk, a warm blanket, a large bin and cotton balls were purchased quickly. The bin lined with sheepskin was their makeshift nursery. The cloths were needed to help them maintain body temperature. The cotton walls were needed for bath time.

There was one problem though! The baby squirrels needed feedings (according to the local vet) every 3 hours! The vet also helped to determine they now had a girl and a boy. Ginger and Freddie were the names they checked in under. Their surrogate human parents committed to the frequent feedings and baths.

Slowly the squirrels were nursed to adulthood. Neither human mom nor dad wanted to keep them. Their goal was to just give them the strength to return to the wild and enjoy adult squirrel lives. Realizing these squirrels needed a little help, they made the round-the-clock feedings for both Ginger and Freddie. Following feedings came a nice bath.
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Were they spoiled? Yes. However, given that they lost their squirrel mother and their home before they were ready to care for themselves, they deserved it. Human mom and dad were happy to contribute to sustaining life.

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