They Found A Mountain Lion Stuck In A Trap, And What They Did Next Is Beyond Words.


Animal trapping is a major issue, one that demands serious attention. While some believe that it is helpful, there are others who realize that it poses a great deal of danger to a wide range of innocent animals. When trappers do not return to their posts in time, animals who have been snared are forced to wait and suffer.

Seeing an animal who has been caught in a trap and is is a tremendous amount of pain is not a sight that most of us are used to coming across. The mountain lion in this clip was probably minding his own business, meandering through the wild, when he was snagged by one of the aforementioned traps.
From the looks of the clip, he had been stranded for quite some time before his rescue team arrived on the scene. Luckily for this big cat, Mark Elkins is well versed in matters such as these and does great work as a Division of Wildlife Resources officer.

His years of experience told him that there was something wrong and he immediately set about the task of setting the captured animal free. This story takes place in the Pine Valley mountains of Utah, where excessive animal trapping has become a major problem. Mark and his colleague knew that they would need to act quickly in order to provide the majestic creature with his freedom.

Their best intentions would soon be put to the test, as the process of freeing this mountain lion would be much more difficult than they had originally anticipated. The closer they came to the mountain lion, the more they realized that they would be in for an epic struggle. There are some who will probably think that these men are insane, while others will treasure their selflessness.

We do hope that the big cat is in a much better place now and those who would like to see what happened after the mountain lion was found by Mark and his colleague will want to watch the entire clip, so that they can learn more about this amazing and selfless rescue mission.
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