They Found A Horse On A Hill. They Couldn’t Believe The Look In Her Eyes…


Bones was an unwanted horse who was dragged to the top of a hill and left alone to die. Like dogs, horses have proven to be great companions of men. Stories have been told of how horses have been of great help to their human owners. In fact, right from time immemorial horses have played a great part in transforming the world we live in today.

In the past, before the invention of automobile vehicles horses were used as means of transportation, before the creation of armored tanks and other artillery carriers, horses were used to carry both soldiers and weapons of war to battle. Horses have been used in construction sites to drag heavy construction equipment. Horses have been used for various forms of commerce and so on.
No doubt horses have contributed more to the transformation and recreation of our world than any other animal you can ever think of. Most times when a horse becomes unsatisfied with the treatments it receives from its owner, it finds a way to escape and go feral.

But this is not the case with Bones. This horse had been with its previous owner for some time but now it has become old and unable to do some of the things it used to do. His owner who could not support its old age decided to do away with it by dragging it up to the top of a hill and leaving it to fend for itself all alone without food or water.

This old horse was certainly left to die. If he was abandoned in a place where other mustangs lived, he would have had a better chance to survive but he was left all alone by himself in a deserted hill where none of his kind ever exist. With time, his health rapidly depreciated for lack of care, shelter and water. His body was all covered in rain rot while he grew weak and emaciated so quickly.

On one fateful day, a good Samaritan woman came across this old and weary horse on the deserted hill. She was so moved with compassion for him that she wasted to no time to lead him home. Although he was so weak and frail, she ensured that he got to her house where she did all she could to bring him back to good health by attending to his wounds, scrubbing him daily and making his new shoes.

Although never had much time to enjoy these good things of life, he, however, died a happy horse.

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