They Found A Dying Stray On The Streets. What Happens Is Beyond Words.


Rudozem Street Dog rescue in Bulgaria received a call about a desperately ill dog. When they arrived even these professionals who have seen it all could not believe their eyes. Khaleesi was as close to death as any dog they had ever seen. She was so malnourished that every skeletal bone showed through her thin skin. Her coat had fallen out and she was in pain. She had a broken leg and a torn ear. She looked so afraid that it broke their hearts. Even though they did not think she could survive, they had to try.

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Khalessi would need a lot of care, the treatment of a veterinarian and a lot of patience. Even with all they could give her; they were not sure if or to what extent she would recover. It was obvious that the streets had been cruel to her and mentally she was shattered.

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They began by giving her small amounts of food and water and a warm bed to rest. It took a little time for her to gain enough strength to even see the veterinarian. When she could stand a little, she was given a bath to clean her wounds. She welcomed the attention these humans were giving her and she slowly began to trust them and lose her fear.

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The trips to the vet would be many. She had a broken leg that had to be tended. She needed all of her vaccination shots. The tender loving care of her team slowly nursed her back to health.

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Khalessi eventually was able to walk on her own and she began behaving like a dog again. The life seems to be returning to her tiny body. Over time her fur returned and she began to regain her weight. After much love, attention and car, Khalessi looked like a different animal. She not only survived, she thrived!
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The rescue workers look to Khalessi whenever they are faced with an animal that by all rights should be dead. The remember Khalessi and they are glad they never gave up. They know that all life matters and they are dedicated to every animal they rescue. They are determined to give them every chance to recover. Their goal is to recue every animal in need and to provide them with medical care and attention and to help find them a home. Though there are usually more animals than resources, they are determined and they never give up.

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