They Decided To Cast A Line Into The Ocean. When They Felt A Strong Tug, They Never Expected THIS


A young couple decided that they were going to go fishing on the beaches of Sanibel, Florida. They tossed a line into the water and when they felt the tug, they began to get excited. They spent the next hour trying to reel in the fish that was on the end of their hook.
What did they catch? A monster of a fish that weighed 300 pounds.
A woman took out her cellphone and captured the picture when she saw that the woman was wrestling with the fish just off the coast.

There were several bystanders who were watching as the couple dealt with this really big fish. One said they saw the dorsal fin and tail of the fish come out of the water periodically and was shocked at the size.

There were several residents who had commented that they had never seen a fish as big as what this couple had managed to catch. They watched as the pole kept tipping, too, giving an indication of the weight.

Even though a lot of people watched, no one expected the husband and wife team to be able to actually reel the fish in. They may have battled in the water for over an hour to get the fish in, but they did manage.

The couple had to fight not only the fish, but also the ocean’s surf. They were finally able to get the fish out of the water, and it was a grouper…a 300 pound grouper. It was one of the largest fish that anyone in the area had ever seen, and certainly one of the largest groupers to be caught in history.

The couple did the right thing. They took a few photos with the monster fish and then released it back into the wild.

There is some video footage about it and it covers what people are saying about the fish as well as the woman who was out there with her husband, fighting the fish. She asked a bystander to take her picture. It caused quite a stir with people.

Typically, people catch grouper out on the deep sea fishing boats, not this close to shore. The fact that anyone was able to catch a grouper at all from the coast line was amazing. No one would have expected a 300 pound grouper. Just think about how many people that thing could have fed if they had decided to keep it.

What’s the biggest fish you ever caught? Watch this video footage of the monster grouper now and see if you would have been able to reel it in. Would you have kept it or thrown it back into the water like the couple did? Share with your friends and get their opinion about it, too.

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