What They Caught Their Little Girl Doing With The Dog Is TOO Precious


You have to see the video to get an idea of the humor in this fairly normal childhood activity. The dog is a lot bigger than the little girl. The dog’s mouth could swallow the little girl’s head. The funny thing is that the dog just sits still and takes all the probing and inspecting without even moving an ear.

The father of the little girl is heard in the background telling his daughter to be careful about examining the dog’s ears. The father’s caution is unneeded because the dog just lets his little girl do whatever she wants to do with no complaint. Many doctors would wish for a patient that is as compliant as the dog.
This is a really funny little video. Share this one with anyone that has children, has a pet, or needs a good laugh on a bad day. The dog is really amazing. The dog acts like the procedure is normal. The little girl may have played doctor with the dog before the parents captured the show for others to see.

Sharing the video may help people that think of big dogs as a danger overcome their unfounded fear of big dogs. Most dogs behave like they are treated. The dog in this video has obviously gotten a lot of tender loving care from the little girl that had nothing to do with a doctor’s examination. The dog loves the girl and lets her do what she wants like many doting parents.

The video gives you a clear insight into the relationship between dogs and children. Children can do things to dogs that an adult dare not do. It seems as if dogs understand that a child is different from other people. Dogs just seem to know children mean them no harm even if the children do odd things to the animal.

This charming little video is too cute, funny, and strange to miss out on. It is hard to say whether the girl or the dog is the star. Both deserve top billing.

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