They Caught Her Dancing Like THIS. 12 Seconds In, I Cracked Up!


We all know that whole story about the fact that we all use hypothetical masks while we’re in society to protect ourselves from a lot off hazards such as discrimination and being left out and all that. We know this pretty much because it is kind of true, not entirely true, but not entirely false as well.

There is, however, a part of our nature that keeps on coming out of the closet no matter what. As much s we try to hide it, it will just come out and be itself no matter what we do. We like to be ourselves around friends we truly trust or around family, for example, no matter how much we try to behave around them, we just can’t do it properly because we are completely at will. While in a social situation, however, we might try to hold it back a little to avoid people looking at us and laughing at us. Nobody likes to be ridicule but some people just don’t care about that anymore; they just want to be themselves and have some fun in this world.

Others never really cared, and that is the example we get from toddlers. They are example f our true essence even though they are so young, they are completely raw. They act according to their feelings and they do it like no one is watching – so we can see some good and some bad in them, and most of the tie we educate them towards the good to the best of our knowledge. In this video, we can see a toddler being raw and dancing, showing off some moves like no one was watching – or filming – the scene. This little girl is in the kitchen dancing to the song “Uptown Funk” by Bruno Mars, naturally, as this if one of the catchiest songs out there nowadays. The little girl might be young, but she does move like she means it, and that just shows raw emotions being released through her dancing – which is something that I personally find beautiful.

I guess we should all learn a lesson from this little girl, since this is what we should all be doing with our lives. We shouldn’t be living them like someone else wants us to live them, but we should be releasing our emotions more and more, making sure that we have fun and that we appreciate whatever is given to us in life, instead of just being passive about what we want to it. If we followed our emotions we would all be happier, provided we do respect others while we do so. After all, a little bit of dancing never really hurt anyone, did it?


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