When They Came Across This Dog In The Woods, My Heart Started Racing


Animal Aid Unlimited was brought out to the woods. At first, the only thing that can be heard is a dog struggling in the woods. You can hear moans and all sorts of things. The men begin marching through the woods in order to provide help.

When they get to the dog, there is very little struggle. The tan dog is on the ground and he has a plastic jug on his head. He can barely breathe and this means that he may not have very long. How he got the container stuck on his head was unknown.
The rescue workers got onto the ground and began working to get the container off. One kept the dog calm while the other got a pair of scissors out and slowly began cutting the plastic away. They had to be careful so as not to cut the dog – and luckily he didn’t put up much of a fight. Perhaps he knew that they were there to help and that’s why he laid there and let it happen.

Plastic containers are left around the woods all the time, and animals have been known to get stuck. This dog was extremely lucky that help was able to get out to him in time. Otherwise, it may have caused him to stop breathing entirely because he wasn’t able to get enough oxygen in there.

Luckily, this story has a happy ending. The dog was able to be freed from the plastic container and as soon as he was freed, it was like he couldn’t have run away fast enough. He didn’t stop long enough to say thank you or to let the rescue workers check to see if he was okay. He was simply off and running – which is at least a good sign that he was okay.

Animal Aid Unlimited is just one of the many rescue organizations around the globe. These organizations need to be supported, and often, they work on donations alone. Whoever owns this dog probably will never know that they saved the dog’s life, which is always a reason to support the various organizations in a person’s area.
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