They Called These Old Dogs ‘Worthless.’ But When I Looked Into Her Eyes? Wow.


Most of the time when you go to your local animal shelter looking to adopt a dog most people tend to overlook the older dogs. The general population wants puppies because they are cute and playful. Old dogs can be to or they can lead a more mellow lifestyle. Old dogs are just as good as puppies. Actually most old dogs are better.


You want a puppy and this is the first time you are going to own one. An older dog would be a better choice since they are already trained for the most part. Unlike puppies old dogs wont chew on everything they can get to. They are most likely potty trained so you won’t have to worry about stains on your new carpet. They won’t wake you up early in the morning to go outside.

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Old dogs are mellow and easier to handle then puppies. Yes, puppies are cute and playful, but they also require a lot of attention. Also with puppies when you wake up in the morning or in the middle of the night you could find an unwanted surprise on the floor.


Both puppies and old dogs have problems. Puppies need to learn everything and require regular vet checks. Old dogs have already learned most things needed to be the best dog. Even though older dogs require regular visits to the vet, they also may require a few more visits more often due to health issues. Some old dogs need certain medication and fed differently than puppies. But, you also have the chance to give the older dogs a happy peaceful life for the rest of their years they have to live.

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One person in particular has decided to help these old dogs find new homes. Stacey Gammon, a photographer who wanted to get a dog for herself. Unfortunately Stacey lived in an area where the landlord did not want dogs in the homes. So she decided to volunteer at the local animal shelter. Although she was disappointed that she couldn’t have one for her own. Stacey’s warm heart went out to the dogs at the local shelter. Stacey Gammon found so many old dogs waiting patiently for someone to love them as much as they love people. This inspired Stacey to start a project called “The Gift of Golden Years”.

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The project is filled with pictures of senior dogs looking into the camera with a sadness in their eyes. Wanting someone to love them and rescue them. Old dogs still have a lot of love to give and are more than willing to please their owners.
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After a while of having “The Gift of Golden Years” Stacey teamed up with Mr Mo project. Mr Mo project is a program that helps older and sick dogs to find new homes to live their last few years being happy.



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