They Bought This Tiny Weasel A New Toy, And His Reaction Is Hysterical!


The smallest weasel in the world is known as the ‘least weasel’ and is part of the Mustela nivalis family. It is commonly light brown on top with white underside, has large eyes and extremely sharp teeth which are necessary for its diet of meat. Small rodents make up much of its diet although birds, frogs and birds eggs give it a variety. A full-grown weasel can catch rabbits five to ten times its size.


The folklore surrounding the least weasel credits it with wisdom and good luck but also jealous of brides and will destroy wedding dresses. The story goes that there was once a bride and she was changed into a weasel, by a witch – hence, the jealously of the brides. Of course these superstitions today seem ridiculous, but the weasel certainly is very energetic, extremely ferocious and courageous.

Ozzie, the domesticated weasel, was found by its owner when only a few days old and about an inch long. Taken into his home, the little mite has fascinated, amused and entertained his owner and viewers on YouTube all over the world.

Watch his reaction to a new fluffy toy his owner gave him. He takes running dives at it over and over again – in fact he does it all day without letup. Is he checking out this new interloper in his midst?


Before actually approaching the strange creature, it does lightning-fast reconnoiter runs at it, not getting up too close in case it pounces. Then he gets a bit braver and goes closer until he is actually running right into it!

Is he marking this strange creature as his territory? Using his anal glands every time he bumps into it?

Or is he just really happy to have something to play with? Of course the object been about a hundred times Ozzie’s size – would he really try to kill it for supper? Gosh, it’s just as well his owner keeps him well fed. I don’t give the rabbit foot much chance against Ozzie!

The owner has made a whole series of videos showing you his progress as he grows and the really funny characteristics he displays. Everything he does here is done in the wild so although they are comical, to Ozzie, he is only behaving naturally. He catches his food – pieces of steak cut really small – and takes each piece to his den to be consumed at leisure. He is on the go the entire day, making sure his den is safe, hunting down food and generally being a really happy little fella.
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