They Both Tilt Their Heads Back… But Wait Until You See What They’re Doing!


Watching a dog learn a new trick is one of the funniest things that a pet owner can experience. The DNA of a dog is very similar to that of a wolf and as a result, they are able to howl like their much scarier counterparts. But those of us who know better are never nervous.

Most animals are not using howling to terrify the humans who happen to be in their midst, they are using howling as a form of communication. While wolves rely on howling to speak to one another out in the wild, their more domesticated cousins utilize this method of communication for an entirely different purpose.
Ever notice that dogs with home training only seem to howl when they hear the howling of others? Or how all howls sound different? Some dogs will even howl when they hear a sound that is similar, not even knowing what they are responding to. There are even other dogs who do not care about learning how to howl at all, as hard as that may be for us to believe.

As for the dogs who want to learn how to howl, the process is too hilarious for words. If you’ve ever owned a puppy, you have probably stifled a giggle or two, as you watched your little buddy try and fail to summon his very best howl. The owner in this video is learning just how funny this can be firsthand and we are more than happy to enjoy this tutorial right along with him.

The owner tries to impart this crucial lesson to his new beagle and the results are utterly priceless. He’s trying to show the animal how to exercise its vocal cords, but the dog doesn’t seem to care all that much.

Eventually, the dog chimes into the singing session, by belting a lovely tune that is all his own. Just wait until you see why both of the dogs in this clip have tilted their heads in the same direction, you just might die of laughter.

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