They Approach A Dog Chained Up In The Rain. Watch Her Reaction When Freed.


There are a lot of heartbreaking sights when it comes to our furry friends, but one of the worst things that we have ever seen are the multitude of dogs that are forced to live their lives in chains because their owners neglect them or simply do not realize the physical and psychological toll that this lifestyle takes on a pet.

The Coalition to Unchain Dogs is ready to fight back against these injustices and this video provides an interesting glimpse into their rescue efforts. Their goal is to improve their lives of these suffering animals, in a variety of different ways. They are not content to free the dogs, they also provide them with a number of benefits after the chains have finally been cut.
The coalition saves dogs from adverse weather conditions and one of the dogs that they free in this video is a prime example of this. This poor pooch was chained up out in the rain and while we wish we could give this animal’s owner or former owner a stern talking to, seeing this coalition of helpful citizens certainly warms our hearts.

The facial expressions on these dogs goes a long way towards telling the whole story. Just take one look at the pure, unbridled happiness that these dogs feel once they have been freed. As human beings, it can be tough to relate to the plight of dogs. We’ve simply never experienced the torment of being left outside to brave the elements without food, water, or the ability to move about freely.

Their efforts do not stop there, though. After the dogs are given a much needed and well deserved second chance at life, the coalition also offers them the chance to be spayed or neutered and they also provide free fences to those who are in need. In addition, The Coalition to Unchain Dogs increases these dogs’ chances for survival by giving them the vaccinations that their owners were too neglectful to obtain.

Thanks to great people like these, the dogs’ sad stories eventually had happy endings. This heartwarming clip deserves to be seen by as a wide of an audience as possible, to raise awareness about these inhumane practices.
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If you or someone you know is relying on chains to keep their dogs in line, be sure to watch this video and pass it along to all of those who could use a few pointers in how to properly care for their pet.

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