These Soldiers Found 8 Dogs In Afghanistan. Now Watch What They Do To Bring Their Dogs HOME!


No matter where you go in the world, there are always going to be stray dogs that are in desperate need of a home, as well as some love and affection. It doesn’t matter what country you go to or what region of the world that you visit, stray dogs need our help and many of them live their entire lives without ever knowing the loving embrace of a human.

We’ve all heard stories about military dogs that provide assistance to their masters and help soldiers to keep our nation safe, but these stray dogs are a different sort. Their self appointed job? To keep the soldiers happy and in good spirits, since they are all far away from home and in need of a familiar face to get through the days.

The soldiers in this clip were stationed in Afghanistan when they came across this pack of eight stray dogs and the animals brightened up their lives so much, they decided that they had to bring the dogs back to the United States with them, so that they could finally enjoy forever homes and have a place of their own in the world.

Dog adoption prices in Afghanistan are high, and at $4,000 per dog, these steep costs often cause people to reconsider. $4,000 multiplied by 8 adds up to a large sum of money, but these soldiers were fortunate enough to receive help from and, as these sites successfully raised enough money to give all of the dogs an opportunity for a brand new life with their brand new friends.

The dogs were forced to spend a few months being quarantined and from there, they began their beautiful journey to their forever homes, where they would spend the rest of their days with the people who love them most. When they were finally able to reunite with the soldiers, there is no way to put the emotions of the moment into words. Just be sure to have some Kleenex close by, because it’s a tearjerker.

Just take a closer look at this amazing video.

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Thanks to the good people at the aforementioned websites, the dogs now have forever homes of their own and the soldiers have been reunited with some of the best friends that they will ever have. They are far away from the war torn country that they once called home and if this story touched you as much as it did us, take a moment to share it with your friends and family.

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