These Rescue Dogs March To An Airplane. The Reason Will Bring You To Tears…


Search Dog Foundation (SDF)can help you the next time you take an unwanted pet to a shelter because you can’t take care of them anymore, Try contacting the Search Dog Foundation (SDF) in your area. This foundation rescues unwanted dogs and trains them to help find survivors from natural disasters. The dogs work with a handler to help find people trapped in the rubble. Six of these unwanted dogs have been helping find survivors from the earthquake in Nepal.
These dogs were donated or saved from shelter where they would have been put to sleep. SDF is a non-profit organization that rescues dogs and trains them to be search and rescue dogs. The foundation works in the Western United States saving and training dogs to help with searches.

These rescued dogs have been searching the rubble and finding people trapped and saving their lives. Each dog is paired with a handler who follows the SDF dogs as they search for people trapped. The dogs are trained to signal their partner when they find a trapped person they sit at the spot until the handler calls for help to rescue the trapped individual.

In Nepal two teams of 6 SDF dogs were sent and have been working to help find survivors. These fantastic dogs some scheduled to be euthanized, others were donated to the SDF foundation, by owners who could no longer care for them. This is a beautiful thing to save an animal that could have been put to sleep to one who helps save lives.

SDF dogs and their rescue partners, live in tents and work every day to help they are sent free of charge and work side by side with the rescue teams imagine having to walk over buildings that have fallen down and are rubble to help see if there are any survivors. They work endlessly without encouragement. As they have been trained to do. These dogs are loved and treated like the family by their handlers instead of dying they training they receive from SDF gives them new homes and families to love them then when they are called to duty they travel to where they are needed.

When you donate your pet to SDF you are not only saving their lives but the lives of those that they rescue. To see how you can help or who to contact to donate your animal you can contact SDF at their website. To find and SDF foundation in your area.

For more information on how you can help or if you need to donate an animal please contact SDF you can find all the information you need to help at This is an awesome place to rescue and animal and then train them to rescue others, rather than being put to sleep.

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