These 2 Refused To Move From The Spot They Were Abandoned. But Then THIS Happened.


Dogs are known for their loyalty and it is often considered to be one of their finest traits. The dogs in this story embody this incredible loyalty and even though they were abandoned by those who were supposed to care for them, they did not allow their feelings to change.

When Bamboo and Bambi’s amazing story was posted on Facebook, their unique plight was brought to light. The two dogs were abandoned and left in an Everglades parking lot. The dogs staunchly believed that their owner would come back for them eventually and as a result, they remained in the same spot for an extended period of time.

Even when concerned citizens tried to approach, the dogs ran away. They were going to remain loyal to their owner, no matter what happened. Finally, 100 Abandoned Dogs, an animal rescue located in the Everglades, was able to capture the two animals by using humane traps.

Once the dogs were captured, their rescuers took an amazing video of them in the car. They cuddled up next to each other, as close as they possibly could. Bamboo and Bambi were simply not going to allow themselves to be separated for any reason.


Would you believe that these dedicated rescuers put in an arduous 48 hour shift trying to catch these two? The trap was laced with Rotisserie chicken and the male dog finally succumbed to temptation after six hours. Once the male had been trapped, the female took off running in a panic.

They spent a sleepless night waiting for her to return, driving back in the morning with the male dog (Bamboo) on their laps. To their immediate shock and surprise, Bambi appeared out of nowhere as soon as they made their way into the parking lot. They sat patiently and allowed the brother and sister to reconnect.

Now, Bamboo and Bambi have been rescued, but the rescuers’ work is far from done. These two need to find a home, as soon as possible. They are always touching and kissing each other, as they seem to have realized that their owner is gone now and all they left is each other.

Bambi and Bamboo are both available to be adopted, but there is one crucial catch: they must be adopted as a pair, so that they can be kept together. After all that they have been through, it is only right that they stay together forever. Please share this story (and the adorable clip) with your friends and family, so that word can be spread.

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