These Owners Preferred To Euthanize Their Dog For A Reason You Won’t Believe


Violence can sometimes be terrifying. The things some living creatures do to others are gruesome, often times for trivial motives. In an advanced society, we understand that there is no excuse for violence – yet it keeps happening. One way or another, it finds its way in.

That is exactly what happens on a daily basis. In this video, we see that it happened to a poor dog that got attacked by a bigger dog. Surviving was a huge challenge for him, but he managed to do so after the attack.

Unfortunately surviving had a cost. The dog, named Violet because of the bright color of his beautiful fur, survived the attack but suffered multiple injuries. His owners realized he was incredibly damaged and tried to take care of him.

They weren’t very successful. Violet’s wounds were very deep, and all they knew how to do was apply a very simple antiseptic spray that couldn’t take care of the problem. Violet’s wounds were infected, causing worse and worse problems as time went by. His owners, having no idea what to do, ended up making a tragic decision that would end up being a mistake.

They handed Violet over to the vet, so that she could be euthanized. All they wanted to do was to stop the pain that Violet felt on account of his wounds. They didn’t know that treatment was a possibility.

But after they handed her over to the very, the people at the vet knew that treatment was a possibility and decided to go forward with it. In the video you can see them addressing and taking care of all the problems Violet had
One problem in particular, the wound in his ear, was really damaging him. It got infected and made him tilt his head a little bit, causing walking and coordination problems. In the long run, that wound could have killed him.

As there video goes on, Violet’s recovery is pretty impressive. Right now he might not be at his best, but he is a lot, lot better than what he was when he first came into that get. His tilt is fixed and now he is looking for someone to love and take care of him.

To think that we almost lost s life because of violence is sad, but thankfully we are extremely developed in the medical department and as such we managed to bring him back to happiness. PLEASE SHARE!

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