These Dogs Before And After Their Spring Haircuts Are Really Cool


Grooming your dog is a necessity for his health and yours. Having dirty and clogged ears causes great discomfort. Being in pain because his nails have grown past the end of the paws and he can’t walk properly. Walking into walls and bumping into doors, because the fur over his eyes has grown so thick. This can also cause eye infections.

Lice, fleas, grease and dirt in the undercoat will cause infected sores as your dog scratches himself continually. Dogs are not the only ones who can get sick from these parasites – humans can too.

All of this can cause unsociable and aggressive behavior in the form of the dog snapping at people because they are in pain or continual licking and scratching. Long-haired pooches suffer more during the long, cold winters as the owners are reluctant to have their fur removed, for fear of them developing colds.

So, Spring is the time when your grouchy and grumpy pet looks forward to having a complete make-over! Nails clipped, ears cleaned and washed out, coats close-clipped or shaved off, eyes and nose cleaned out, teeth scrubbed and suddenly you have a happy, perky and energetic dog that struts around feeling very proud of himself!

Gone is the matted, dirty and unhappy dog. Now you have the darling you took home with you and cuddled and loved. And they feel the difference in your attitude toward them. They are now pleased to be with you because you are showing how much you love them.

The Lion cut or the Lamb cut? That is the question! There used to be specific hair styles for specific dogs but owners these days are becoming more adventurous turning their Poms into lions or other small dogs into teddy bears or lambs.

Do the dogs enjoy these different styles? Who knows? But what they do enjoy is the feeling of being clean and uncluttered with all that hair that pulls every time they scratch themselves. Let’s ask them!

‘Wow! I look smaller!”


“I can see you!”


“Did you get rid of the winter?”


“Just wait until that cutie down the block sees me!”


“I’d forgotten what I looked like – I’d forgotten what you looked like!”


“I love the new me – but a spotty tie?”


So there you have it. They love the grooming, massaging and pampering. Do them and yourself a favor and take them to the parlor once a month. You have your hair cut regularly, don’t you?


“I’m the prettiest girl in the park!”


There’s just no stopping them once they start admiring themselves!


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