These Cruel And Sad Photos Will Show You How Donkeys Lead Their Lives


While donkeys are not typically known by being the most cuddly and lovable animals, they are known for being pack animals who stubbornly stick to their own and don’t have much use for anything or anyone else.

For tourists who decide that they want to visit the Grand Canyon, donkeys can provide a useful means of conveyance, allowing them to see all of the sights without getting overly worn down.

Even with this thankless job, donkeys should be considered as far more than just pack animals. These creatures are generally used to tow people from place to place and to carry water, food and other goods on their strong backs.


But this does not mean that a donkey needs to be thought of as a second class citizen. Their amazing dexterity gives them the opportunity to cross some of the most difficult terrain known to man. Donkeys accomplish these difficult tasks without receiving any sort of gratitude from the people they proudly serve each day.

The animals are also sent into underground caves on a consistent basis, as well. They are used for mining purposes and their unique skill set is utilized to carry out all of the important minerals that we need for our daily living.


Unlike humans who work in mines, donkeys do not receive any level of protection for their lungs and skin. No special breathing apparatus for the donkey, no appreciation, and no medical insurance for when they inevitably fall ill. Once a donkey becomes sick, they are forgotten about, since they are no longer good to anyone.


There are no retirement homes for donkeys, as they are simply replaced with a younger and better version. Veterinarians have begun to take an interest in the plight of the donkey, providing them with the care that they need to live longer.

While it is impossible to treat every donkey that becomes sick, their continued usage makes the matter incredibly important. We have come to rely on donkeys for numerous tasks and they certainly know how to make our lives easier.


It is our sincere hope that these animals can start to find a happier, more carefree life, living on greener pastures. These poor, hardworking animals deserve their freedom and their day to day existence is very sad. To raise the necessary awareness about this inhumane treatment, be sure to share this post with your friends and family members.


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