These Babies Were All Alone And Covered In Fleas. What Happens At The End Is Too Precious!


These rock squirrels were lucky that they were found by Matt Carriker. He’s a veterinarian at Vet Ranch. The brutal Texas heat would have surely killed this batch of infant rock squirrels. Their mother died in the unforgiving wilderness. The eyes of these rock squirrels hadn’t developed yet and couldn’t open. Flees covered parts of the body, and they needed something to eat.

The staff at Vet Ranch removed the flees one by one and gave the rock squirrels a bath. They also fed the tiny squirrels formula via a syringe. The care was enough to save the squirrels.
As the squirrels regained their strength and rested in the care of Vet Ranch, the staff decided to name each one. They also introduced the squirrels to a couple of kids. This is the beginning of a really short documentary that chronicles the actions Matt takes to raise the squirrels and prepare them for nature. The ultimate goal is to release them into the wild.

The video is easy to follow and informative. A catchy tune plays as the squirrels explores the cages that they will be living in for the next few weeks. After the squirrels are strong enough, Matt transfers them to a larger cage he built in the garage. The squirrels stay they for a few days before the larger cage is moved outdoors. It is decorated with bark and other obstacles for the squirrel to climb over. The squirrels are able to exercise and develop their agility, while becoming familiar with its climbing abilities.

Once the cage is moved outdoors, the squirrels see trees and the sky for the first time. There is shade from a tree and fresh air. They are protected from rain by a plexiglas ceiling.

Matt places food in the cage if the squirrels need it. They are able to eat whole foods like pellets, strawberries, and leaves. The cage door is left open allowing the squirrels to venture out into the wild and return back if needed. After three months, the squirrels still hangout around the cage.
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Vet Ranch is a non-profit organization founded by Matt Carriker in 2014. Their mission is to provide medical care and treatment for homeless animals. Vet Ranch rehabilitates abandoned animals so that they can be adopted in the future. They work with animal shelters to treat and cure treatable conditions so the animals aren’t euthanized. Vet Ranch is funded by donations.

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