These Are The Best Of The Best dog Shaming Photos On The Internet.


When your dog hasn’t been acting nicely and doesn’t want to listen to you about what he should be doing, what do you do in return? The answer is simple, if you’re like these people; you tell the world what your puppy dig in a hilarious way!

1 – Someone shouldn’t be eating too much crayon now, should he? If you get to the point in which you poop rainbows, you need to go to puppy rehab! He does look hilarious in the corner.


2 – When your dog is a really ladies men and can’t stop doing what he shouldn’t be doing, this ends up happening. Now you threw up a thong, what do you have to say about yourself?


3 – Dogs do usually love to go to the toilet to drink some water, but this one goes a little bit too far, don’t you think? It’s one thing to drink ‘clean’ toilet water, but another thing to eat poop! You should be ashamed!


4 – Now we can’t be too mad at Biscuit, can we? This little fellow just though it was some deliciously creamy yogurt and gobbled it all up. It’s not his fault it was actually Vaseline and not Greek yogurt!


5 – He might be a misbehaved dog, but he is actually a genius for trying to trick his mom like that! Still, lying is a very bad thing!


6 – One guy poops and then barks at it to make it look like it was someone else, and these two formed a duo to poop and eat away the evidence! If this keeps going, they’ll soon be making advanced waste management systems.


7 – No one likes to be stuck, but most people (and animals) do know they should keep calm and wait for a solution to come to them. This guy just decided to go full panic mode and wreck everything until he was free. Well, it did work…


8 – You give a little puppy a cart to help him out and what does he do? Well, he doesn’t behave that’s for sure. Instead, he runs over the other dog with his cart for some reason. Nobody give him a gun!


9 – Get that look off your face! Bunnies are cute but their poop isn’t supposed to be eaten! Dog food tastes just fine, you little rascal.


10 – These two like to fight, but when they do they let things get out of hand really, really fast. When one gets the upper hand he pins the other down, and the other decides to fight dirty… Real dirty.


11 – I like how the cat is looking at the dog like: “Yeah, yeah you do like to do that, and you shouldn’t”.


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