These Amazing Elephants Save The Day


With the advent of camera phones and advanced technology, moments that typically occurred in secret are now broadcast to everyone in the world. Special moments, like the one you are about to see. This clip is proof that there are amazing events that take place in the animal kingdom each and every day, whether someone is there to capture them or not.

But this video seems very nondescript at the beginning, as we watch a group of elephants methodically make their way across a river. While there is a certain understated beauty to watching these noble creatures head off to their latest destination, viewers would be forgiven for being nonplussed by the spectacle.

After a few more moments of watching the elephants cross, our eyes are drawn to a couple of adorable elephant babies. They are lagging far behind their older members of their crew and they seem to be wondering why no one is taking the time to help them across. Perhaps this is a form of tough love from the elder elephants.

One of the older elephants finally decides to give a lagging baby a bit of a nudge, to encourage them in the right direction. Initially, the youngster takes to this pretty readily and starts making their way across the body of water just a little bit faster. All seems to be well.

The nudge was a bit too much for the baby to handle, though. A grave miscalculation from the well-meaning older elephant. The baby gets swept up in the current and is starting to get carried away. The viewer’s heart just might break at the sight of this poor baby. The little guy is clearly terrified and for good reason.

Finally, the elephant who gave the push catches up to the scared little pachyderm. It wraps itself around the smaller creature instinctively, as if to protect it from the rampaging waters. The older elephant does everything in its power, with the objective of saving the diminutive one from an uncertain fate.

If you want to see this amazing rescue in full, then be sure to watch this clip in its entirety. While the older elephant certainly did not mean to cause this little calf to end up underwater, it is doing all it can to ensure its safety. The effort is commendable and you will find yourself rooting for these elephants to remain safe and sound. Hopefully they are able to finish this trip across the river and make it to the other side in one piece.

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