These Abandoned Puppies Just Had Their First Warm Bath Ever, And Their Reaction Is The Best!


People like Claire Fowler become used to seeing animals in distress, since it is a part of their job description, but that does not mean that it becomes any easier. Fowler has spent the last several years of her life working with animals who need help, volunteering her spare time at the Dallas-Fort Worth Rescue Me rescue foundation in Texas.

As a result, she saw a variety of animals in various perilous conditions. While she has been conditioned to accept animal suffering as a normal part of life, she was not prepared for the sight that she saw when she learned of three tiny little puppies (all of 2 weeks old) that had been carelessly tossed into a dumpster by some cruel owner who did not want them anymore.
What kind of depraved soul puts three puppies into a plastic bag, throws them into a dumpster and carries on with their life like nothing happened? No matter how many times we see stories like these, we are shocked to find out that people like this exist in the world. How someone could live with themselves after doing something this terrible is beyond us.

Luckily for these dogs, the rescuers were able to arrive in just the nick of time, saving the puppies from a terrible fate (one that we would rather not consider). Claire and her helpers took the dogs in for foster care and she decided to capture the moment when they received their very first bath on film.

We are glad that she did, because this is a moment that needed to be seem by a wider audience. Puppies this cute don’t come along every day, after all. While we do not want to give away what happens in the video, let’s just say that these puppies greatly enjoyed their bath, maybe even a little bit too much!

Claire and the little bitty puppies seem to have found their own form of heaven on earth. This is a wonderful sight to see, especially when you stop to consider what these puppies have been through in their short lives.
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Be sure to share this amazing story and adorable video with your friends and family as soon as possible. Shelters like DFW Rescue Me are always in need of support and the puppies that reside in these places deserve happiness just as much as anyone. All it takes is one special person to change the life of a shelter dog forever.

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