These 36 Dogs Have The Most Beautiful And Unique Coat Patterns. The Last One… WOW.


Nature has its own way of showing off its artistic abilities, be it plants or animals. The diversity in the plant as well as animal kingdom has enough examples that can prove the beauty that nature can create. Some animals are so beautiful that you want to have them immediately as pets. Be it dogs, cats, horses, birds, or fishes, the beauty in them is overwhelming. When you choose a pet, you would usually looks at its physical appearance, appeal, type and the bonding which you would feel at the first instinct.

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Dog lovers have hundreds of varieties to choose from and they come with a range of sizes, colors, coats, patterns and textures. The natural genetic makeup of the dog determines the physical features of a dog. The hair present on a dog’s body constitutes its coat. A coat may be single or double coat with soft hair beneath and rough hair on the surface of the body.

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The difference in the coats creates many patterns on dogs, some may even depend on the environmental conditions of a geography. Thicker fur coats are usually found on dogs in colder regions than their counterparts in warmer areas. What attracts most pet lovers is the physical appearance and appeal of dogs, especially their coats and patterns.

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These days dogs for domestic adoption are specially bred and taken care of. They have evolved into most diverse species on earth, and are available in hundreds of body shapes and sizes, eye colors, nose types, fur types and coat colors.

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Even if you have never had pet dogs or hated dogs, you will surely fall in love with these beautiful dogs with their varied and unique fur coats and patterns. One look at these dogs and you will yearn to have them as your pets. Their unique fur markings and patterns make them stand out among hundreds you may have seen as ordinary. What’s amazing about these dogs is that not one is similar to the other. Each dog has its own special appeal and personality; there is one with a combination of more than three colors, another with a bi-colored coat, with unique features like dark color around eyes giving it an appearance of an eye mask. There are others with a striking resemblance to a panda, to a zebra, and one with a seemingly thick mustache. Some are funny with each ear of a different color while others are too cute with heart shape patterns on their fur.

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Some of these fur patterns are believed to be a result of genetic mutations in the animal. But whatever be the reason, these dogs are truly exceptional and remarkable and make you stop in your tracks in admiration.

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