These 2 Brothers Start Fighting, Now Keep Your Eye On The Baby…


Watch this cute baby elephant come to the rescue of his big brother. His two teenage brothers are fighting in a playful way. This is amazing watching these two large creatures play fighting with each other. At times it does appear rough but the brothers are just having a good time.
This was all captured on video at a National Park in South Africa. The Kruger National Park was home to this group of elephants including a bystanding female elephant who could be the mother. This is such a cool moment with the elephants interacting with each other.
The two rather large teenage elephants engage in a fun battle of elephant trunk fighting, oh that sounds dangerous. It is not as bad as it seems as the two engage in quite a trunk wrestling match. Watch as the two battle for a while before the one teenager is knocked on his little elephant behind, yes so funny. This is such a fun and interesting video of animal behavior that just can’t be missed.

With the battled teenage elephant on the ground you will never guess who comes in to save the day. You won’t believe what happens next. Their cute little baby brother charges in to help the fallen brother. This is such a fun site to watch. The tiny baby elephant about a quarter of the size of his big brothers begins trying to help the fallen elephant. Watch what happens next. This is something like human kids would do. Amazing the similarities between humans and the animal kingdom.

What this fun animal video as this tiny elephant tries to help his big brother get back up. His small size doesn’t stop the elephant from trying to push his big brother back up again. The two big brothers continue to fight it out even when the one brother is on the ground. Watch this video as the little tyke of an elephant never gives up. He just keeps pushing away from behind his fallen brother.

Watch as these amazing creatures as they put on quite a show. The tiny brother never really gives up trying to push up his brother. The two brothers continue to fight it out even when the one teenager is on the ground. Sounds a lot like human teenagers I have known!

These lumbering elephants are fun to watch as the baby brother keeps pushing to help is big brother stand up. The white husked creatures are such a visual delight. These husks on them could be dangerous if they used them in this fight. This is just a playful fight between these teenage elephants so you will get such a kick out of it. Watching these large creatures with their swaying trunks is such a visual treat. The female elephant watching this is probably saying “watch you don’t poke your eyes out”!

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