These 19 Tiny Puppies Are The Most Adorable Furballs You’ll Ever See. #10 Is The Cutest.


1. Smaller than a hand, this is a Paris Hilton’s puppy. The tiny dog is white with big piercing black eyes and a tiny black nose. The long white hair has been combed up on the dog’s head. The dog could be a living cotton ball.
2. A black and tan Chihuahua sits in the palm of a woman’s hand. The perked up ears and the expression on the dog’s face is just too cute. The pink collar must be an indication that the hand sized dog is a girl.
3. A tiny all-white long-haired puppy is about half the size of the blue tea cup it is trying to climb into. The black eyes are so intent that you just have to know the dog is smart. Really cute little dog.
4. Here we have a pug in a mug. A pug nosed black and tan puppy sits in a white coffee cup. You can only see about one-half of the dog. The eyes on this one are so pleading it just gets to you.
5. A mini-film of two puppies gnawing and smooching each other. You cannot help but love these tiny little darlings.
6. A tiny brown puppy with almost blue eyes gets a tummy rub on the bed. The dog is so little that three fingers cover most of its body. You can just barely see the ears. The dog’s expression is blissful.

7. A really cute faced hound is lying in the grass on his back. The eyes and mouth are just begging for a tummy rub.
8. Five really tiny brown and tan puppies are asleep in a puppy crib. One seems to be dreaming because his feet are moving. This is a portrait of serenity.

9. A tiny white puppy with huge eyes gets measured for height by its owner. The puppy is less than a finger tall. The wobbly stance and face on the puppy are just priceless.
10. The floppy ears and tongue poked just a little bit out of the mouth is really too cute for words. An average sized black and tan hound lies on its owner’s legs getting a little tummy comfort.
11. A black and white puppy of unknown bred is so intent on eating that it flips itself over trying to get at the food in a dish that is just a bit too big for the puppy. The film is really funny and cute. Obviously, this dog is a voracious predator.
12. A fuzzy black and tan puppy that is just slightly bigger than a coke can. The downcast look on the dog’s face just has to bring out the comforting in you.
13. A large version of the breed standing by a tiny puppy peers into the camera as if the dog is asking what the little animal is for. The little dog looks fierce compared to his gigantic friend.
14. There is nothing quite as effective as a good tummy rub to bring out the cuteness in a very young puppy. The mouth opening and tongue lolling out in ecstasy are both funny and heartwarming.

15. This puppy is so tiny it can lie on an iPhone. The sleepy little dog on the phone is possibly the best ad for miniature dogs ever done.
16. Brown and fury with big eyes and a tiny little mouth, this less than hand sized puppy has to be the darling of its owner. The dog’s expression is priceless as it sits covered by three fingers except for the head and front paws.
17. A tiny, tiny puppy paws its owners shoe on the street. The little brown dog is so small that the shoe would fit four of the dog with room to spare. Proves puppies are brave and curious regardless of size.
18. A fuzzy black and tan puppy inspects a nail polish bottle. The puppy is about three times as big as the bottle. A big white and black stuffed dog companion just makes this photo really cute.
19. This little dog proves that size is not everything. The puppy is weighing in at a whopping 1.18 pounds. The weighing dish and scale dwarf the tiny adorable little dog.

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