These 19 Cats Are Taking Naps To A Whole New Level. I Can’t Handle The Cuteness.


Cats have always been mysterious creatures that prefer to keep their secrets and avoid overtly affectionate displays. Since Ancient Egypt, it seems we’ve only managed to learn two things about our feline companions: they love their naps and they hate dogs. With this collection of photos, however, everything we thought we knew is being shaken up. Indeed, cats love their rest – perhaps more obviously than ever before – but our assumptions about the inherent animosity between cats and dogs has been brought into question with these adorable pictures of cats actually sleeping on dogs!

1. The Perfect Fit: This cat has found a warm pillow to rest on that is just the right size. Just so long as it doesn’t start barking!
2. You’ve heard of The Cat in the Hat, but what about a cat that has BECOME a cat! These two look like they’re recovering from a long day and a late night.
3. Sometimes, a cat just needs a little room to stretch out, and this king-sized pooch offers all the space in the world! He probably doesn’t even notice the adorable kitten using him for a sofa.

4. Cats tend to think their own comfort is the most important thing in the world, and this dog doesn’t want to argue.
5. We’ve all looked at our puffier furry friends and thought how wonderful it would be to just dive in and fall asleep amongst their cottony fur – this cat stopped imagining and did it!
6. There are few things more comforting than being spooned by a loved one at the end of a long gay. Just ask this kitten and his protective pup!
7. Many of these cats seem to have found a way to make dogs into the most comfortable surface in the world. This one is still figuring it out.
8. This dog is experiencing some déjà vu (or is it just a glitch in the matrix?), with two cats resting on him at once.
9. These two go together like peanut butter and jelly, peas and carrots, or Laurel and Hardy.
10. Some dogs seem to tolerate a sleeping cat, but this one seems to be bending over backwards to make him comfortable.
11. It’s hard to tell if this kitty intended to sleep on a dog, or was planning to crash wherever he landed.
12. Perhaps the most affectionate cat in history, this one is full of hugs, and there’s no getting away from it for this pup.

13. Most of these cats have found it pleasant to rest on TOP of dogs, but this little guy wants to know what all that butt-sniffing is about!
14. Everyone knows that all cats are ninjas, able to disappear in a crowded room and reappear in the folds of a sleeping canine. Beware!

15. This is what I’d call the golden opportunity for a photo shoot: orange on orange for these two resting playmates.
16. While many of these dogs seem complacent enough to let cats rest on them – and some seem to downright enjoy it – this guy has merely resigned himself to it.
17. A good friend will always be there when you’re not at your best, this cat looks like it needs to sleep off a late night and his friend has his back.
18. The only thing that can ruin a beautiful day outdoors is the racket of cats and dogs fighting. IF only they’d take a lesson from these two and learn to soak up the sun together!
19. While this dog looks ready for a nap, his kitten hitchhiker is ready to launch an attack!

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