These 18 Pets Were Clueless They Were On The Way To The Vet…And Their Reactions Say It All


Pets always seem to know when they’re headed to the vet. No matter what is going on beforehand and what you tell them, they know when they’re going. You can be the best pet owner of all time and spoil your dog or cat. In the end, it’s like they know the way to the vet and when they discover what you have done to them, they will turn on you…just like that.These dogs and cats had no idea that they were going to the vet. Some of them figured out before going into the vet and others figured it out once they got into the exam room. The owners were kind (or cruel) enough to snap some photos once their pet had figured out what was going on. Who knew that a dog or cat could be so expressive with their face? You can almost read what they are thinking…and none of the thoughts are that nice.
There’s some trust that goes on between pet and owner, but some of that trust is lost when the inevitable trip to the vet happens. The trust may be lost forever, so you have to be sure you know how to remedy the situation. These pets’ reactions say it all.
1. Liar! We are NOT going to the park. I know the way to the park and to the vet.

2. When you least expect it, I’m pooping on your pillow.

3. I thought I could trust you! How could you do this to me?

4. Hold me, I don’t know anyone here!

5. Someone is going to pay dearly for this!

6. I thought we already established that I don’t have a problem.

7. I dare you to try and get me out of here.

8. This is now mine. You can leave.

9. Did they leave yet? Did they leave yet?

10. Nope. I don’t see a cat. No cat to examine in here.

11. Who told you where to find me? It was the dog, wasn’t it?

12. Don’t move, don’t sneeze and no one will find me.

13. Who are you calling scared? I was just doing an inventory of supplies.

14. I don’t need a shot. I’m pretty sure I already had one.

15. Can we negotiate about this at all? I think we can!

16. I don’t know what that is, but I’m pretty sure I don’t like it.

17. Is this my new bed? Did the cat take mine?

18. I promise I’m just itchy. I don’t have worms, those are gross!

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