These 18 Images Are So Powerful They’re Going To Restore Your Faith In Humanity!


Heroes come in all shapes and forms. They do unselfish things for others. These heroes save the lives of animals and in a world where we here too much of people harming one another and animals of all kinds, it’s wonderful to find people who take time out of their lives to save animals and restore them to good health.

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In everyday life, there are animals who are endangered in many ways. There are ducklings who were stuck in a drain. How to get them out? Their rescuer used a duck ring tone to bring them to safety. A kitten needed oxygen after being rescued from a burning home. Another firefighter saved a dog from another burning home.

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Bushfires in Australia are no joke. A firefighter gave life giving water to a koala who had been caught in one of those bushfires. That picture is definitely worth a thousand words. A dog is rescued from drowning when it fell off a rock into Lake Ontario. How many people would take time out of their lives to save a dog in peril like that? It’s wonderful to know that those people really are out there.

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What about a deer being caught in a drain pipe? Bambi, the deer, was saved from disaster. British firefighters saved a mare from an ice cold bog. They certainly didn’t have to do it, but they took the time to save her life.

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We are all given precautions about how to save ourselves and our homes and our prized possessions from a fire. I don’t think we all understand, as well as these pictures show, how the lives of our pets can be put in danger when there is a fire.

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They can’t open a window or door to escape. They have to rely on human beings to find them and save them. Someone is not always there to do so. But there are times when someone will risk his or her own life to save the life of an innocent animal just because it’s the right thing to do.

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What about kittens trapped in a scrapped car? They were not only rescued from certain death, but good homes were found for all. That is truly a job well done! A firefighter not only rescued a dog from a fire, but had to give mouth to mouth resuscitation to bring the dog back to life. Is that something you would even consider doing? He did.


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