These 11 Dogs With The Most Unique Coats On Earth Took My Breath Away. My Favorite Is #7!


For all you dog lovers, it is time to vote for your favorite dog with the most beautiful coat. I can assure you have never seen something so beautiful, unique, and special before. These dogs are pretty, because they have the most amazing, and breathtaking coats out there. Once you will see these dogs, and their amazing coats you will never be able to forget them again! Some of these markings are a result of a rare genetic variations or conditions, but all of these dogs are undeniably beautiful. See for yourself, and I can assure you that after you see these beautiful coats, you will want to get a dog like one of these.

1- African Painted Dogs are wild dogs and an endangered species.
african painted dogs

2- This little Akita puppy makes sure to always wear her socks. akita

3- This is the most unique Bernese Mountain Dog you will ever see! Looks like the black jacket never is missing from the outfit! barnese mountain dog

4- How adorable do you think this little puppy is? What about that gorgeous mixed-colored coat? gorgeous

5- Have you ever seen a hear-shaped nose in a puppy before? Well now you have! heart shaped nose

6- That huge mustache is just very serious, and makes this beautiful Pit-Bull look like a little inspector! moustache

7- Little puppy looks like a little Panda. Would you care to have a little beautiful unique creature as your companion? panda dog

8- This dog on the other hand, is wearing a puppy face in his back. How do you like those round big brown eyes? puppy face

9- You may not believe this, but this dog is actually a Rottweiler. Pretty unique coat color don’t you think? rottweiler

10- This little Husky puppy makes sure to wear his permanent mask. We see ya little buddy! sweet husky

11- This dog has a special coat that makes him look like a painted wild dogs of Africa or a cheetah.

wild dogs print


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