These 10 Creepy Creatures Are Going To Freeze Your Brain. Vampires Exist!


In this video below you will witness 10 of the most unique and rare creatures that you never knew had existed. These Strange animals along with a blood sucking fish, also known as a vampire are indeed very strange. Here is a small list of animals that are shown in the video below.

A Chinese Giant Salamander- Can grow up to almost 6 ft long. If you have seen a salamander this one will blow your mind away. Normal salamanders are small and only get approximately 4-5 inches long, but not this one. Watch the video below to find out more.

A Blue sea Dragon- No it doesn’t blow fire out of its mouth. It is rather small and very beautiful.

A Saiga Antelope- Normally found roaming around in Russia, Pakistan, and Mongolia. To me this creature looks like an Antelope but somehow it got crossed with an Anteater. Although the nose isn’t as long.

Dumbo Octopus- Yea reading Dumbo sound like the Disney character Dumbo. Except this animal is no elephant at all it is an octopus with really large ears.

A Giant Soft Shelled Turtle- Unlike most turtle this turtle is grown into its shell or the shell is grown into the turtle not really sure. It isn’t hard like most turtles, instead its shell is made out of a rubbery substance. Defiantly a must see.

An Indian Purple Frog- This frog is purple and it also has a pig like nose. To me it looked like a hairless rat with deformed feet and head. Although far away it still looked like a frog. and Etc… Watch the video and see all of them

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