There Was Only 1 Thing This Pup Could Do To Get Through Recovery. And It’s ADORABLE.


Some animal videos just make you feel so warm and fuzzy on the inside, and this is one of the videos that does just that. In this video, a puppy with a severe case of mange finds a way to power through the recovery process. This malnourished little puppy manages to hold on to the ray of light at the end of the tunnel. This video teaches us that despite whatever one may be going through, it will get better, and you can choose to hold on to the hope provided.

Mini, a little puppy suffering from a severe case of mange and nourishment, arrived at the dog shelter at only one and a half month old. The amazing thing about this little pup is that, throughout the recovery period, she did not allow her illness to weigh her down, and she danced through the entire recovery process. People often wondered what was making Mini so happy. Perhaps it is her ‘never-say-never’ attitude that allowed her to come out on top. Playfully jumping around and playing with the hands of everyone who aimed to touch her, Mini’s cheerful spirit is not only infectious, but is something that a great deal of people can learn from. Playfully jumping around and rolling over, the little puppy is an extremely rare sight considering the condition that she arrived in.
Stealing kisses and jumping around in her little space, Mini’s cheerful attitude is sure to attract anyone that visits the dog shelter. This video makes us realize that it is possible to hang on to the little rays of hope and happiness in an otherwise bleak situation. When she arrived at the dog shelter with mange and a case of malnourishment, there was the probability that she would not even make it. Mini proved those doubts wrong as she powered through her recovery process and instantly became a sight for sore eyes. Extremely playful, when placed on the ground Mini jumps around and toys with the pebbles on the floor. The other dogs in the shelter must be wondering what is making the little puppy so happy and jumpy.

This adorable little puppy in the video jumps around with the little balls she is given to play with. She sniffs, pushes and even bites the balls just to show her excitement. Mini plays with everything, she even leaves the little ball to start playing with the boots of the fellow walking around.

Then the most amazing thing happens, we see Mini all grown up, and the best part is, she hasn’t lost the spring in her step. Jumping around playfully, this little puppy is definitely one that needs nobody to show her how to be happy.
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Human beings often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily activities and perhaps forget sometimes how to be happy. The little puppy in this video shows us that happiness is truly a choice, and she chooses it every time!

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