They Knew There Was Hope For This Starved Dog When They Saw THIS Special Moment


It’s touching to hear about dog rescue stories where everything turns out okay. A starved dog was brought and dumped at a shelter known for having a high kill rate. Luckily, Sally’s rescue stepped in and was able to find a foster family for this female dog.

Her hair was an absolute mess when she arrived at the shelter. They shaved her because it was so knotted that there was no other way around it. Once shaved, it was very obvious just how starved she was – and it’s going to break your heart to see just how skinny this dog really is.

They saw her tail start wagging, though, and that’s when they knew she had the fight to be able to make it. Slowly, the dog was able to get more and more energy from being given meals regularly. She was able to start moving around more and she gained quite an appetite.

She is now a healthy weight – and absolutely happily in her new home. The new family absolutely loves the dog – and they have two kids at the house that are loving on her as well. The woman who adopted the dog said that coming home at the end of the day is the best part of her day because of the reaction she gets from the dog.

This is such a great story, and when you read the words on the screen throughout the video, it’s going to give you goosebumps. Thank goodness that there are rescue shelters out there that will fight for dogs and make sure that they get into good homes, like what this dog was able to get.

If it weren’t for Sally’s rescue stepping in, this adorable and loving dog would have seen a very different ending. Instead, someone took a chance on a poor little dog that was malnourished and way too skinny to be healthy. The dog now has a safe home, and family that loves her, and the ability to eat every single day.
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