There’s No One, I Mean NO ONE, Who Loves The Hot Tub More Than This Pup Does!!


Everyone loves hot tubs, and so does the pup in this video. Although, there is a great probability that he loves hot tubs a lot more than most people. This video is downright hilarious and cute. It is definitely one of those videos that you would watch over and over again. In this video, the pup shows just how much he enjoys hanging out in the hot tub and makes the most hilarious sounds that almost express his great pleasure for being in the hot tub.
The pup in this video clearly loves being in the hot tub. Perhaps he may love it a little too much. This can be seen as he stays in front of the jet for five whole minutes enjoying the feeling of the water against his body. This footage would make you laugh and wonder if you enjoy your hot tub as much as you should. He barks and whines as if to say, ‘I’m never coming out’. You can hear his owners in the background amazed at how much he seems to be having a good time.

This pup loves hot tubs and makes the sounds to prove it. The pup in this video sits in the tub , resting against the jet as he makes the most hilarious sounds. He continuously sticks out his tongue whilst tilting his head backwards. He looks as if he is getting a really relaxing massage.

Dogs are usually so afraid of water, it’s amazing just how much this pup seems to love being in it. He twists and turns, showing his wet fur and the red mark on his neck (which is just dye by the way). He clearly loves being in the hot tub and no one can take him out. You can almost imagine his reaction if his owner decides it’s enough. He would most definitely whine for the rest of the day. The owner does not even bother to take him out of the tub, he just watches him do his thing.

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This is one of those videos that you watch with a smile on your face. The cool pup in this video enjoys his time in the hot tub, and almost makes viewers a little jealous of his quality time in the water.

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