Their Toddler Runs Up To The Gorilla Cage, But No One Was Prepared For THIS


What a great moment to have the camera ready! This is a once in a life time moment captured on video. Watch as the young zoo gorilla adorably peeks around a tree trunk at a toddler.

At the Gorilla enclosure of the Columbus Zoo a little boy spots a young Gorilla who is almost the same size as he is and he heads over to see the baby Gorilla.

Separated by a pane of glass the two toddlers spontaneously begin a traditional game of peek-a-boo. It actually appears as though the young Gorilla is the one to start the action. The little boy climbs on the stones near the glass and puts his hands on the glass. He stands quite still and gazes at the gorilla. The little gorilla is the one who hides behind a tree and peeks around it at the little boy. That is just the most adorable moment of the video.

Of course the little boy runs to that side of the tree, just as the gorilla quickly scampers back to the first side! And so begins a full minute of each of them dashing side to side trying to spot each other or maybe trying to hide from each other. The little boy is grinning ear to ear and shrieking with delight throughout the game. Maybe the Gorilla is too!

Amazingly, the gorilla tries to fool the little boy by starting to move in one direction then suddenly switching back the other way. Hockey players aren’t the only ones who can use these tactics.

Each of the youngsters has a parent watching but neither the human or the gorilla parent interfere with their offspring’s fun. I wonder if the two youngsters know they are different species.

Just as it seems to be the young Gorilla who starts the game, it’s the young Gorilla who appears to end the game. He stops, sits down and looks at the little boy. Maybe he was tired. Maybe he was hoping for a different game next.

There is a touching moment after the Gorilla stops and sits down. The little boy climbs back up on the rock ledge and puts his hand on the glass right by the Gorilla’s head. The Gorilla looks at him, then looks away, then looks back and reaches his hand out towards the little boy’s hand.

Does the little boy know that the Gorilla is a youngster? Does the little Gorilla recognize that the boy is a youngster? Would the Gorilla play this game with an adult? Young Gorillas do play. Do the young Gorillas play this game with each other?

When they meet again will the little boy and the Gorilla remember each other? Will they play peek-a-boo again? Will they make up some other games? I’d love to be there to find out.

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