Their Moving Song For “MOM” Is Bringing Everyone To Tears


The Cappella voice only musical arrangements are rich in deep-rooted northern country living and hard-working farm communities. The style of music arrangement flows from family to church singing alone or with other people. The popularity of Cappella style describes the overtones of different musical genres’ through the years from barbershop quartets to rhythm and country bluesy music with and without musical instrument accompaniment. The deep country vocal music traditions of polyphony describe multiple voices blending harmonious melodies sounding different clear notes complementing the lead tenor singer.
Home Free Earthbound Musical Journey

As the auditorium, quieten down the soft hum of a male tenor’s voice reaches out with the soft earthly overtones of the percussion instruments. The heart-stirring melody begins the magical and imaginative musical journey for everyone in the audience. The four male barbershop quartet begins with a gospel tune along with other spirited music bringing heart-warming melodies for the enjoyment of traditional and classical music. Each singer blends a different tone intertwining and building a musical rapport stirring the yearning heart within each person. The Home Free music group began with Chris, and Adam Rupp, brothers singing for the local church and other community events to gain notoriety. The brothers ask a friend, Matt Atwood to sing with them for a local church talent show, which they won. This winning event spurred them to accept other musical invitations and talent contests. More than ten years of searching for the right combination of melodist musical voices brings the group to the current members.

Current Home Free Music Group

The Home Free musical group consists of the four-man barbershop quartet, a lead tenor, two harmonies, and bass combining Cappella style with country and western, classical, and middle range doo-wop musical scores. The current music singers begin with Austin Brown, lead tenor, Rob Lindquist, lead harmony, Chris Rupp, baritone harmony and Timothy Foust, bass harmony. Each singer, including Adam has the ability sing solo and play different instruments along with formal musical training in composing and publishing. Three of the five members, Lindquist, and Rupp brothers have Bachelor degrees in music instruction and instruments. Adam Rupp plays trumpet, drums, keyboard, and bass guitar musical arrangements from Chris Rupp’s piano composing. The musical director of the group, Chris Rupp joins Tim Foust and Austin Brown writing and composing new songs for future musical engagements.

Cappella Rich Tradition Country Music Performances

The move to add another music format happened after the new bass singer, Timothy Foust and lead tenor, Austin Brown, both from southern states joined the group. The musical competition in Nashville turned Home Free’s two brothers away because the company had no category for the Cappella musical style genre. After the addition of Timothy Foust and Austin Brown, Home Free went on and won the musical competition. The music director, Chris Rupp composed several songs with the overtones of country folksy music and found audiences liked the changes in music tender. This group tours locally and internationally after adding the country and western overtones to the classical Cappella music style.

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