The World’s Saddest Dog Needs Your Help To Find A Forever Loving Home…


The dog in this story is named Lana. You see, Lana is a beautiful pup, but she does not have a home to call their own. She was recently surrendered to a shelter and is now spending her days in a state of depression and hopelessness. She hopes to find love again one day.

Lana thought she had found a home and she was taken in by a foster family. However, they declined the opportunity to keep her and she was returned to the shelter. Once she came back to the kennel, Lana was so depressed that she even refused to go for a walk.


Dahlia Ayoub rescued poor Lana from the Mexican streets when she was just a little puppy. The two became best friends and Dahlia can remember when Lana was no larger than her hand. Dahlia also recalls how young Lana was afraid of everything and everyone.


When Lana was given back to the shelter by her would be foster parents, Dahlia knew that she had to do something. She couldn’t give up on Lana and she decided to do everything in her power to provide Lana with a better life.


From there, Rescue Dogs Match let the entire world know that Lana was free for the taking. The Toronto based shelter created an adoption profile for the sad pup that went viral.


They told the world about Lana’s plight, in hopes of spurring a family to action. Luckily for Lana, several applicants came forward and the good people at Rescue Dogs Match are in the process of reviewing the qualifications of each family.


Thanks to Dahlia and Rescue Dogs Match, Lana’s sadness may finally be coming to an end, at long last.


There is a good chance that this little ball of love will have a family to call her own and there are few animals out there who are more deserving than she is. This beautiful dog is ready to love and to be loved, in a forever home she can call her own.


Lana still needs your help, though. If you love animals and you wish to see Lana in a forever home, share this message far and wide. Spread the word, so that Lana’s perfect family can take her home and provide her with the life that she has always desired. Taking a moment to help make her dreams come true is the least that we can do.


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