The Woman In The Back Is Wakeboarding When All Of A Sudden… Whoa!


One of the most common rites of passage for a couple is the joint vacation. We tend to find out a lot more about the people we spend our time with when they are placed in new and unique situations, which allows the bond to grow stronger.

Vacations are jam packed with moments that simply cannot be replicated, no matter how hard we may try. Just ask the couple in this video, who had their exotic wakeboarding adventure interrupted by some of the friendliest, most playful animals in the world.

When this couple was packing and getting ready for their exotic getaway, there is no way that they could have expected this to happen. After all, a little bit of fun in the sun never hurt anyone and they were probably happy just to have a respite from the daily rat race. Most of us save up all year for a vacation like this, never experiencing anything of this magnitude.

Those who take the time to watch this amazing clip are not only treated to an incredible view, they also get to meet a group of dolphins that decided to give this couple a little bit of company on their wakeboarding trip. How lucky they must have felt when they first realized who their uninvited guests were!

From the looks of it, the dolphins are not at all upset by the arrival of this couple and they relish the opportunity to show off a bit for their visitors. They waste no time scooting closer to the inhabitants of the boat and it is clear as day to see that they mean absolutely no harm whatsoever. The dolphins are simply curious and understandably so.

In order to truly appreciate this meeting between the couple and their brand new dolphin pals, you’ll want to watch this clip in its full entirety. Cubicle dwellers who are currently trapped in colder regions of the country are definitely going to be jealous of this vacation. In all likelihood, this video will make you want to head to an airfare watchdog site, to see if you can have an experience like this one.
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