The Way He Cuts This Watermelon Is Pure Genius – I’m Doing This From Now On!


Summertime means outdoor cooking. It means family picnics and sports. Summertime screams, watermelon. It is an all-time favorite to enjoy with any outdoor activity. Whether eating as a snack alone, or in a summer salad or as a dessert chilled and dipped in whipped cream; watermelon is a must have. There is one problem with watermelon. In the past it has always been hard to cut up. If you slice it, it makes a big mess with juices and seeds. Then the sliced have to be sliced again so smaller hands can handle the pieces. Taking it with you already cut up required a lot of slicing, cleaning and cubing just to get it into pieces that can fit into a plastic bag. You could scoop it but that takes even longer and leaves nothing to hold on to while trying to eat it. This is the single issue that keeps people from enjoying this fantastic summer tradition.

This video shows you the solution. After seeing this video, you will never go back to the old way of cutting a watermelon. Slice the watermelon in half. Then make a series of cuts slicing in a line left to right. Turn the watermelon and again cut left to right. Now the watermelon is cut into squares. You can remove a square from any part of the melon by lifting it and it is a perfect fit for anyone to handle. There is very little mess. Slipping a few squares / rectangles into a Ziploc bag is quick and easy.

Now your family can enjoy this summertime treat any time. Keep some in the refrigerator for a healthy and low calorie snack. Freeze a few for a popsicle like treat that the kids will love on a hot summer day, or freeze then take with you when you are having an afternoon out. The fruit stays cold for hours.

Athletes and coaches have always known the benefits of melon. The fruit is light and easy to consume. Eating watermelon replaces the fluids the athletes sweat out during summer games. Watermelon also prevents sore muscles due to its content of essential amino acids. Drinking watermelon juice before working out protects the muscles.

Health professionals agree that watermelon is an essential food for good heart health. It also has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Watermelon is a dieter’s best friend. The fight in obesity often leads to watermelon. It is a natural diuretic to help people loose water weight. This is especially important for women who tend to fight a monthly battle with fluid retention. It is low in calories because the fruit is 90% water. But it is loaded in vitamins.

Though it is too soon to tell, there are studies that suggest that watermelon not only is easy to digest by cancer patients, but also that watermelon could be instrumental in cancer treatments in the near future. Watermelon contains antioxidants that have shown to help treat prostate cancer and studies suggest it may be used in the battle of preventing some types of cancers.

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