The TRUE Story Behind This Viral Photo Of A Dog Will Surprise You


One of the saddest sights you will ever see is a dog sitting by a grave, mourning the loss of their loved one. While some believe that animals are incapable of grasping the concept of death, they are often hit harder by the loss of a loved one than anyone else in their family. They have even been known to experience depression after a death.

A German Shepherd was seen laying down in a Serbian cemetery and the sad image immediately went viral. Since the dog decided to curl up in a location that was adjacent to a headstone, most of the people who shared the image believed that the dog was in the process of mourning a very important loss.


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However, the true story is much different. The dog was not mourning a loved one at all, it was actually a stray. The pup was merely looking for a warm spot to seek refuge from the unforgiving cold of a Serbian winter.


The dog also had the health and safety of their children to take into consideration. The dog dug a hole in the cemetery and placed her puppies inside, in hopes of sheltering them from the chill.

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Luckily, the dogs were eventually discovered by a local animal rescue service. From there, they were taken to a proper shelter, so that they could receive the necessary food and medical attention. The dogs were definitely thankful for their removal from a cold environment and they now have a much softer and safer place to rest their heads.


Now that the puppies have a better living environment, they continue to grow and thrive. Their mother gets all of the food she needs to provide them with the parenting and nursing that they require, while the puppies are able to consume their fill each day. Thanks to the help of her rescuers, she can now give them the milk that they require to grow into healthy, strong adults.

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No more hole digging for Mommy! In time, these puppies should be able to find a new forever home. These adorable faces are impossible to ignore. This beautiful rescue story may not be the same one that went viral, but it deserves to be shared and spread as widely as possible. Don’t forget to pass it along to your closest friends and family members. They will be sure to appreciate this incredible true story.

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