The Reason Why She Refused To Euthanize Her Puppy Is Incredible!


Euthanasia can be a very tough choice for anyone to make for another – humans or animals; that right to take the life of another being. Euthanasia is described as the painless death or killing of another being to relieve some sort of suffering, usually health related and it comes with a lot of emotional weight. For many, it is an unemotional way to get out of the responsibility of another’s medical condition.


This was the case of the little Ruby who was born with a cleft palate- a congenital malformation of the oro-facial structures which occurs usually very early in pregnancy.

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Ruby had the classical signs and symptoms: eating problems, ear infections, speech problems, dental problems and a host of multi-structural problems, which probably made the decisions by the veterinary doctors very logical. Statistically, Ruby’s chances of survival was very slim and euthanasia was the best advice the doctors could offer – let the dog go, and save yourselves the emotional burden of having to bond with it before watching it die painfully.

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Like the love that is true from all mums, Ruby’s foster mum refused euthanasia and decided to give her a chance. She went through the painstaking process of feeding Ruby through a tube attached to a bottle in which she would prepare some warm milk. She continued this process meticulously over the next four months watching Ruby add weight and become stronger, a very big surprise to many around her who had predicted that Ruby wouldn’t survive up till this age. With more muscle bulk and in a better state of health, Ruby could go through that much needed surgery.

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Surgery is not without its risks as death is a common complication; more than one surgery is often needed and this would have its own toll on Ruby. Following surgery patients would require more intensive care which also comes with its own stress.

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Ruby’s surgery was successful and though she doesn’t look exactly like her breeds she is much healthier, she can eat whatever she wants to eat and enjoy all the treats she loves so much. The most important aspect of all these is that all the signs and symptoms of Ruby’s initial problems have completely resolved: No more feeding difficulties, no more breathing challenges, no more infections. Ruby is healthy!

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