The Reality Of Life From Scott Bisson’s Glass Sculptures


Scott Bisson is an enthusiastic glass blower who resides in Oregon. He makes great hand-created and glass-blown animals with lovely and inconspicuous hues. He frequently decides to depict sea animals or amphibious creatures whose common structures and physical attributes match well with the streaming characteristics of the liquid glass that he shapes.

Bisson’s profession as a glass blower started in secondary school when he curved a glass with heat from a bunsen burner. It was at this point he acquired the experience which led him down the road of creation that turned him into a specialist at contorting and forming liquid glass after years of professional learning.
Scott started his glassy journey in at the age of 17 in Philomath, Oregon. The very first ignorant act of twisting a glass tube over a heated flame during a science class in high school kindled in him the auction and desire to continue. This uncommon arousal led him on a lifetime professional journey in the work of blow glass. On the road of becoming a specialist, Scott made acquaintances with Skip Horton and later with Buzz Williams. It was under their coaching and direction that Scott became enthusiastically dedicated and passionately driven to take up glass work as an occupation. The next four years that followed, saw Scott working concurrently as a flamer and a furnace worker. In 1994, Scott took a class at the Pilchuck School of Glass with the world renowned Robert Mickleson. This was genuinely a defining moment for him. He later narrated that his experience with Pilchuck served as an eye opener that came along with added creative ability to what was genuinely conceivable and was yet to recuperate. Under the leading of Cesare Toffolo, he moved to a town in Italy – Murono, where he resided and continued his studies in 2004.
Since then, Scott has been engaged with the job of blowing glass for quite some time now and is as of now popularly represented in about 80 exhibitions centers spread across the United States. His specialty centers on glasses that contain silica and boron trioxide i.e. borosilicate glass through which he deciphers his adoration for nature into fanciful representations of the world from his own point of view.
Scott has a high force system for delivering workmanship. He takes pride in meeting expectations vigorously and testing himself. He believes in the philosophy that if he isn’t sweating and dashing around like a maniac he simply isn’t trying his hardest. He accepts vitality and energy as two dependable factors that produce the best work. To him, ability is not sufficient. When asked how he comes about creating these seemingly realistic creatures he declares that he puts himself a little in his creations and by so doing it breathes life into them in his own way. Scott abhors restrictions and takes risks most craftsmen wouldn’t even try.


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